Experiential Marketing

We simply love creating innovative experiences using cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s augmented and virtual reality, 360 video cameras, or custom photobooths that put a smile on your face, we constantly explore the latest and greatest resources modern technology has to offer.

360° Videos

Have you ever organized an incredible event and wished that everyone in the world could have the experience of actually being there? With our 360° video camera you can make that wish come true. 360° videos allow viewers to look in any direction — not just where the camera is pointing — providing a truly immersive experience.

Event Photobooths

The selfie generation is upon us, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. If you can’t beat them, join them, and that’s exactly what we did when we created our very own “Selfie Booth”. Our proprietary Selfie Booth iPad application can be easily whitelabeled for any event, and allows for users to choose from several unique custom-created frames. The application has been used at variety of events, including business conventions, Comic-Con, and Hollywood red carpet movie premieres.

Social Walls

Our Ensocialize product is a real-time social media wall, aggregating the latest and most relevant posts from Twitter and Instagram to display at events. The social wall can be easily customized by adding background images, changing color themes, and choosing animation types. It also has built-in moderation functionality to ensure all content that appears on the social wall meets brand standards.

Social GeoFilters

Custom-designed Snapchat geofilters give users the ability to promote businesses and events with the potential to reach millions of viewers in a very short time. PXL Bros created a geofilter that was available during the Hollywood movie premiere for Mother's Day, which was viewed by over 8 million Snapchat users in under 24 hours.